Discover how an integrative approach to healing ourselves, creates & fosters balance for lifelong vitality

Laser Therapy

Stop the reaction of food sensitivities; hormone imbalances and environmental allergies, as well as chronic conditions. Experience life free of symptom care and resolve the underlying issues.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Renew and revitalize your mind & body. Feel the reset button for emotional wellbeing and profound
balance to your nervous system.

Wellness Coaching

Receive the support through a trusted guide to achieve your specific wellness goals, and create your highest vision to enjoy life at its fullest.

Total Body BioScan

Awaken to Root Healing

How would it feel to eaves drop into your body and have awareness of the stressors that are creating discomfort in your life? Discover BioEnergics technology and return to better health.

Get relief from:

Food sensitivities • ADHD • Allergies • Lyme disease • Autoimmune issues • Stress reduction • Asthma • Body awareness • Arthritis • Sciatica • Pain relief

Get relief from:

Food sensitivities • ADHD • Allergies • Lyme disease • Autoimmune issues • Stress reduction • Asthma • Body awareness • Arthritis • Sciatica • Pain relief

Meet Caroline Nielsen

Board Certified Holistic Health Coach (BCHHC)

As a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Bio-Energetic Practitioner for almost a decade, I assess each of my clients various health concerns and provide a variety of tools and insights to profoundly improve their wellbeing.

Beech Tree Healing practice combines over 30 years of exploration into the practices of utilizing energy (light) as the crucial pathway to lifelong self-healing and vitality.

Innately, I have felt drawn to many cultures around the globe that continue their ancient practices today and for centuries, discovering how “food as medicine” offers abundance to our cells and internal systems for which to carry our bodies with better health & efficiency. Intuitively, homeostasis is the desire for all humans to thrive at their highest potential. Using these new tools assures this balance in our daily lives. I am honored to share my knowledge and offer my services to support each of my clients back to their aligned-self again and support their healthy lifestyle practices.

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“Caroline has been a great help in my season of cancer treatments. Having polarity sessions starting after surgery, and a week before my chemo sessions helped me to feel calm, internally whole, and prepared for the regime.”


“After 12 laser treatments, my and son and I are eating gluten and milk products again. It’s amazing! Thank you so much for giving us our lives back!”

Kathie O.

“I initially went to see Caroline for laser therapy to tame my allergies. After going through that process I learned more and more about the treatments, spreading from allergies to phobias and more. Caroline’s integrative approach to healing is life changing. I will be back!”


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